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Chaga Collecting in the Green Mountains

20140822_120409Today my friend, her dog and I were out collecting chaga in the green mountains of Vermont on a misty, cool, fall-like day. We came across several pieces of chaga and mountain streams.

20140822_140053We harvested chaga from two different trees. Here are some pictures of the chaga that we collected, and here are some pictures of the hike we went on. Since it was a misty day in the mountains, the leaves were very pretty:  wet and green.

pic6How appropriate is it that the name of the dog is Birch, because the chaga that we harvested today grows on birch trees.



Making Chaga Tinctures


To make the Chaga tinctures, I mix Chaga mushrooms with 100 proof vodka and then let it rest for a month.

I place quartz crystals upon the top of the jars of Chaga tincture, which raises the vibrational frequency of the medicinal mushroom.

Next, I will put the Chaga mushrooms into a gallon of water and boil it for two hours.  After two hours,  I separate the liquid from the chunks, then mix the Chaga tea liquid with tincture liquid, which is a 50/50 mix of water and 100 proof vodka.

The reason why this is the best way to make and take Chaga is that half the medicinal qualities are alcohol soluble and the other half are water soluble.  I have been making Chaga tinctures for 3 years.

Chaga Collecting – North Central Vermont

Walking in the Rain


On a rainy day in late May, we went into the forest in Northern Central Vermont.  The leaves were just starting to come out.  We walked uphill next to streams to collect a piece of chaga.
We found the Chaga, but it was on a dead birch tree. Can tell it was dead by looking up and finding that the branches were rotten and falling off.  Once the Birch tree is dead, it loses its life force, and therefore the chaga loses its health benefits.

IMG_0153Found pretty trilliums along the way on the side of the trail.

As we were walking up the trail looking through the trees, we found a huge piece of chaga about 100 feet off the trail, next to a stream in the shape of a rhinocerous horn. It was too high off the ground to reach so we’re going to come back with prusiks, a static line and a harness.