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About Robin

robinMy name is Robin Hanbridge. I began using chaga in 2009 for Lyme disease which I had contracted some 15-20 years earlier. The failures around healing in my experiences with Allopathic medicine led me down a more natural and holistic path. Chaga was suggested by a naturopathic doctor who felt its’ anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties would improve my health and boost my immune system.

At the time, I was given a 4oz bag of chaga powder with no directions and no labels. I also purchased a 1oz tincture online from a multi-level marketing company for $53.00 (a valid concern for all of us on the healing path); doing the math in my head, I could see where this was going, so upon hearing from a friend that chaga grew right here in Vermont, I began my search.

I looked for months without finding any until finally, one day like any other I found my first piece of chaga. I boiled the chaga and made chaga tonic, of which I drank one quart every day. I began to see the results of my commitment to healing through a chaga regimen after about 3 months. Feeling better, my symptoms started disappearing; seasonal colds and flus stopped happening and except for occasional fatigue, my energy started returning. After more than a year of using this medicinal miracle of the birch tree, I began experimenting with the many different forms (chunks, powder, and tincture forms) this medicinal mushroom can be made into for healing. Chaga was and is still an essential part of maintaining daily health and healing. I use it every day in some form or another; powder form for smoothies, soups, stews, even in my oatmeal, tonic form in any season (good hot or cold) and tincture form if I am feeling the need for an extra boost in healing properties.

What began as a search has turned into a quest, a quest for getting this medicinal miracle out to people who need it. In the spring of 2012, I began planning the beginnings of what you see here today: Robin’s Chaga. Trying to get the word out about this medicinal mushroom that nature and the cosmos have gifted us, I harvest and dry chaga chunks, make it into powder form and tinctures and offer it online, through local and surrounding county farmers markets, local spas and local whole food stores.

Disease and illness have a way of upsetting the human organism; chaga has a way of restoring natural equilibrium and homeostasis on a cellular level in the body/organism. Wherever you are in your health–understanding, maintaining, boosting, and improving–chaga aids and assists in the natural processes of human healing. May health be yours all the days of your life.

According to recent scientific research lending support to a wide range of historical references, certain mushrooms are now touted by many experts to have numerous health benefits including providing anti-aging antioxidants and phytonutrient compounds that support a healthy immune system.

We have a full selection of ground chaga, dry chaga, prepared liquid and tinctures. You can also find us at the Farmer's Market in Winooski, Vermont on Sundays from 10 - 2. Click here to order online and have your chaga shipped directly to your door.

Chaga is considered by many researchers as one of nature’s perfect herbs. For the past 44 years, modern scientific studies and clinical trials involving Chaga-based products have demonstrated efficacy on immunity and age related health issues. The international scientific community has begun significant reasearch of Chaga’s immense health benefits.